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double11 For more than 18 years Param Pranyog has been engaged to generate SANJEEVANI (Positive Aura). Through teaching meditation and consciousness projects, among the masses to inject positive energy towards the most required issue , like , greenery, peaceful soul , terrorism, global warming, poverty, mental hygiene, corruption ,holistic ,n healthy way to life, for stable beautiful life and we are taking care of Many underprivileged Street children of slums. old age home most needy corner of the society , Come, be a part of the mission and share credit of this beautiful act. You can be a part of pray meditation wherever you are on this earth, at the same time matching Indian time(Refer to schedule for timing & topic details). double12

Through meditation and consciousness projects and positive energy, Param Pranyog has been focusing on the most required national and global issues including poverty, mental hygiene, environment, peace, global warming, corruption, holistic and healthy way to live for a stable beautiful life. Param Pranyog uses all of these issues as the focus daily on caring for countless underprivileged street children in the slums of India as well as the aged homeless in need of even just the basic needs of life.

Param Pranyog invites you to be a part of this incredible life shifting mission. Come experience the true meaning of compassion being one with the global community by joining in global meditations with Param Pranyog, contributing monetarily to assist in the housing, feeding, clothing and education of these without a voice. We also have an ‘ambassadors’ program that we invite you to read about. Come join your like minded brothers and sisters around the world in truly family connection and make a difference in the lives of those in need.


The Mission

I have very recently returned from India to my home country, Spain, and I think I would need more time to assimilate all the experiences in India with my soul family: Guru Munesh Kumar Sinha, Sonali Sinha, Shamil and everyone who is part of this amazing family.
If someone asked me right now what is Parampranyog? I would say simply that it is Pure Yoga. It is UNION in all of its aspects, in the broader and deeper sense as well. Parampranyog unites the entire society equally, without distinctions. There are those who offer the unique desire to help and support others, not being materially rich but rich in spirit; and there are those who receive from a place of humanity, acceptance and deep appreciation.
Parampranyog is humanity, humbleness, willpower, tenacity, compassion, consistency, consciousness and a commitment to local society with global society, all creation and the entire universe. Parampranyog allows anyone who wishes to pass from a state of constriction to a state of expansion where only true love can survive and move forward.
Raising the awareness of the entire global society is the primary objective of Parampranyog. But this goal cannot be reached from a passive position. It is achieved with introspection that catapults you into action, through karma yoga. Anyone who is really on the way, on the true path, cannot ignore the suffering of others. A pure person, a real human being cannot ignore their neighbor. The neighbor who is in need is yourself. The suffering of others is your suffering and if you are really awake, you will feel the call to action. You will be moved not by mere pity, but because the way feeds your spirit and your real reason for living.
Parampranyog leads from example, from the field. It acts cleanly, without intermediaries, without interest of any kind, simply carrying out the most commendable work that could exist: Loving your neighbor. Loving humanity. Loving all creation. Love. Life. Humanity.
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May 2016

Activity Schedule We need Ambassador's

We would love to add you as one of our global goodwill ambassadors for Param Pranyog. We are committed to working for peace on earth by collective meditation and social action to help the needy, homeless and underprivileged street children of India. Have have more than 100 “ambassadors” the world that support with prayer and meditation. 50% of those are active in helping to raise the monetary funds to support. However.. it’s never enough sad to say. The need is beyond comparison and we would love to have you participate in one of our fund raising formats or with your local community, friends, family and artists. Let us know if you would like to add your name to this noble cause here on earth with your kindred brothers and sisters.

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