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Anti-anxiety drugs may be effective, but for some people they can be dangerously addictive. Many people opt to self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes, overeating and other addictive behaviors—but these “Param Pranyog” only temporarily mask anxiety. A natural way to decrease anxiety

During the Param Pranyog , the mind effortlessly settles down to a state of inner calm and wakefulness while the body gains a state of deep rest. This unique state of “restful alertness” naturally dissolves stress and reduces anxiety. In fact, research shows that stress hormones, such as cortisol, are reduced. After meditation, you feel more relaxed and your mind retains some of the inner calm gained during your practice—leading to clearer, more effective thinking :

  •   Increased calmness
  •   Decreased depression
  •   Reduced symptoms of PTSD
  •   Decreased insomni