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Munesh Sinha calls himself a spiritual motivator. For more than ten years, his non-profit organization Param Pranyog has been focusing on generating what he calls "sanjeevani", or positive energy in the world. The goals of his organization are impressive, reaching from promoting universal brotherhood and global peace to teaching yoga and meditation, working for human rights, helping marginalized people, supporting children and women, promoting education, art, science and higher values, providing medical assistance, legal aid and schooling, working for social justice, and more. It seems that there is no challenge that Param Pranyog is not willing to address. "You are never alone or helpless," says Munesh. "The force that guides the stars guides you too."

As we witness activity after activity arising through Param Pranyog, we are inclined to believe that Munesh Sinha is indeed guided by the universe and in no way helpless. In only two months since he has joined the Well World network, his organization has distributed clothing to people in need, has gathered 3000 people in a group meditation for peace and wellness and has started a one month long action to help children in slums and orphanages with food, clothing, school supplies, training in different skills and in his words “ a little bit of yoga and meditation”. His latest activity was to organize food distribution for no less than 5000 people in one day! Inspired by the impact of Param Pranyog and knowing that Munesh Sinha has left his lucrative career and has devoted his life to his mission, we have asked him: how do you find the funds to do all this?

"I was a hard core professional earning more than enough for my livelihood", said Munesh. "I worked for ten years as a marketing manager in the dairy industry, but I was not connected deeply from my heart. I was working for a businessman who did not help society. Then I thought- for whom am I working? We are the employees of the universe, we should work for the universe. From my childhood I belong to a spiritual Hindu family where yoga, spirituality and philanthropic work were an integral part of life. One morning I decided to work as a real employee of the universe and started satsang, meditation workshops, working for nature, the ecosystem, the poor in the society- at my own cost.

And people were asking- how do you manage? You are doing wonderful job, I am also interested in working with you! We were noticed by so many through the national media in India. And I was not asking for financial support, but was very happy with what I was doing for my mission of peace on earth through mass meditation and social help to the most needy in the world.After a long time, kind groups of society started giving a bit of financial and physical support. The money which I earn from astrological counselling and corporate meditation workshops is helping me run my family. But money is not everything, when I see happiness on the face of really needy people, I feel like the richest on this Earth. If I had sufficient money, I would do much more of what I am dreaming. I know one day the universe will arrange some source to fulfil their wishes through me, because I am only the instrument.May God bless you with smiles and good health. If you come to India, please stay with us to learn to know the Indian way of life." We believe that the dream driving Param Pranyog will come true. Surely the force that guides the stars guides them too.