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Good evening from India !

I am here with Parampranyog, Staying in a warm, deeply loving home with Munesh Kumar Sinha, Sonali Sinha, and beautiful Shamil heart emoticon.We have been visiting the children at all 3 centers, and distributing clothes to those who are in need throughout the slums of Ghaziabad near New Dehli. What Parampranyog is doing is so much more than I could have ever imagined before coming to India. The work includes not only Education, but also Health, Ancient wisdom of Yoga and Consciousness, Healing, Family, Meditation, Nature, Tradition, Global Awareness.I have had the blessed opportunity to see and experience many things in my life, and thus far this has been THE MOST unbelievable, indescribable experience. My heart has been opened to the max, and I Am in Love. I have searched for Several years, everyday.. and what I was searching for knowingly and unknowingly I have found. I believe these teachings and this message of Parampranyog is EXACTLY what the world needs. The Goals and Vision of Parampranyog are inspirational and will without doubt have beyond Global effects.
Just alone the experience of being with Munesh and his family is healing and refreshing. The joy of giving I am learning just by being in their radiant presence each day. I support this Organization and encourage you all to come to India and have a look . !!

Author Name : AnToni Hodge