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The Param Pranyog reduces stress naturally and effortlessly by providing a unique state of deep rest. Scientific research on the PARAM PRANYOG program suggests meditators experience a profound state of rest as indicated by reduction of breath, lower heart rate and decreased stress hormones. With deep rest and less stress, meditators find improvements in health, energy and psychological well being. They can maintain their busy schedules knowing that the regular practice of the PARAM PRANYOG reduces the effects of accumulated stress.

“Our main goal in learning the PARAM PRANYOG process was to reduce the stress in our lives brought on by demanding workloads and just daily life. After completing the course and continuing to make meditation a part of our daily routine, we have dramatically lowered our stress. Additionally, situations that may have caused elevated stress prior to learning PARAM PRANYOG have been greatly diminished.”

Uniqueness of PARAM PRANYOG :

The PARAM PRANYOG is exceptional because it produces not just deep relaxation, but a unique physiological state known as “restful alertness.” This means that while the body is gaining deep rest, the mind experiences quieter and quieter levels of thought. From time to time, the mind transcends thought and experiences a state of pure inner silence awake within itself. What does it feel like to transcend? It feels calm and peaceful. The mind and body are extremely relaxed. “It’s a unique experience but also very familiar—it is your own Self,”. This experience of transcending reduces mental and physical stress. When stress is eliminated, life becomes easier, richer and more joyful.

Over 100 research studies on PARAM PRANYOG indicate the positive effects of this stress reducing technique. PARAM PRANYOG technique :
  •   Faster recovery from stress
  •   Decreased anxietyii and insomnia
  •   Reduced substance abuse
  •   Decreased depression
  •   Reduction in high blood pressure

Calmer response to stress :

Because the PARAM PRANYOG technique brings balance to each individual physiology, people may experience different benefits, for example, fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy or better relationships, etc. However, one benefit that the majority of meditators share is that they can generally handle stress better after learning the PARAM PRANYOG technique. The explanation is simple. Stress is not caused by outside pressure; rather it is our response to pressure that creates stress.
The PARAM PRANYOG helps create a rested body and peaceful mind so you do not react stressfully to outside demands. After practicing the PARAM PRANYOG for as little as five months.
With regular meditation, greater well-being and vitality develop naturally. Eventually, the practice of the PARAM PRANYOG leads to a state where stress does not accumulate. How? By establishing the mind in a peaceful state where the impact of daily living does not overshadow one’s natural state of balance. As a result, no stress is incurred and life is lived in waves of happiness