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Param Pranyog: “Meditation is a process to merge with nature.” In today’s scenario it has become a necessity to the entire humanity to come in contact with the nature as we have forgot the real sense of humanity, as a result of which the total social set up has been going through a state of mental unhygienity. To neutralize the adverse effect of this imbalanced situation, a simple and effective way is to meditate for a while for a noble purpose for the entire humanity.

Stress Vs Meditation in Corporate

“It is said that morning shows the day” in fact it has a very indepth meaning in itself. But the topic in which we are ocusing – The Corporate Culture, indeed morning plays a great role for the whole day. It’s the time which reflects the signs for a pleasant or stressful day.

‘Stress’ has now became a synonym for those who has to face a strenuous corporate culture at their work place. Anxiety or stress some what related directly with our psycho, mental state and on our consciousness. All these factors are always connected with reason like – what we do? What is our perspectives? How we think of a situation? Why we are here why not there? – a complete dissatisfaction with the existing position. The prime aspect that plays great part is a hidden pressure to maintain the updated life style, updated in the sense knowingly not accepting what comes easily in the way and searching a paved way for an optional but imaginary destinations. As a result of which people develops typical type of cycle between personal, professional and social life. Any kind of set back or negative circumstances occurs in one’s life, it carries its energy throughout the entire day to a particular space of life, which results a high level of negative energy, stress low level of satisfaction and insecure feeling.

Here another question arises – why this happens? It is found by interviewing a group of people, that the mental hygiene level is clearly responsible for this act, which constitute – the immunity or upbringing of person, a very weightless thought to follow and regular trafficking of internal thought. All these facts are enough to gave birth of a typical mind set to any one in corporate culture. But this has to be neutralize. So here, my purpose is how people can get rid of the situation. Interacting on the subject from at least 10 yrs till now I find out some useful tools to follow these are :

  •   Identifying the power of silence.
  •   Know your inner self.
  •   Follow the law of nature i.e. unconditional love.
  •   Acceptance of existence.

These tools can only be implemented through the practice of deep meditation. Perhaps, this is the reason it has became a necessity to know the life more precisely and now a days, an air is blowing in some of the work place to feel spirituality through meditation. It is a path to introduce you with your new fresh morning of life – and if it is a fresh morning – as it is said earlier – it shows the day, that is the entire life span / the meaning of your existence. I am sailing such a boat on which all the passengers can feel highly interconnected with each other and I wish to be blessed always with this thought.

As I am in the world of divinity from last 10yrs, I have the opportunity to spread my thought through my nearer and dearer settled in various parts of the world, which enhancing my follower day by day to experience the power of silence, peace and radiating the positive energy around them. The methodology to do this is directly by telephonic counseling as well as the use of web cam, mail etc. depending upon the local time the base country with prior appointments.Few groups from Canada have visited earlier, other groups are expecting from Italy, Canada, US and UK from November onwards.

Currently engaged in own satisfaction activities covering holistic healing and conservation through different levels of meditation – sthul darshan (physical body), jivan yatra (life journey), bramh yatra (journey of universe), chakra yatra, floating body.

In benefit this will come :
  •   Increased tolerance
  •   Greater moral maturity
  •   Increased self-development
  •   Faster reaction time
  •   Improved memory
  •   Increased creativity
  •   Improved academic performance
  •   Improved college grades
  •   Development of intelligence